5 Important Things to Know While Using Geysers

June 17, 2021by Rakesh0

A geyser is an essential appliance for every home, especially during winters. It makes your lives easier by providing hot water in a convenient way. All you to do is switch it ON. But you need to do certain things the right way to avoid risks, accidents, damage to the appliance, and power consumption. 


Below are some of the important things to know if you have a geyser at home:



  • Gas leakage

You all are aware of the risks of gas leakage. If you have a gas geyser, then you must keep track of it and check it regularly for any leakage. Often, you will get the idea of the gas leakage by the smell and odor. Whenever you smell the gas, the first thing to do is to switch off the gas flaw. Then look out for the issues and fix them. If you can’t do it on your own, it would be better to go for gas geyser repair services


Moreover, ensure that you are using a good gas pipe made up of quality material. Avoid the use of cheap products because it can make things worse for you. The gas leakages can be prevented. 



  • High Pressure

When you keep the geyser ON for a long time at a high temperature, the water can exceed the boiling point and convert into steam. This steam increases the pressure in the water tank built in the geyser. The high pressure can damage the tank and pipes. In some cases, the geyser can explode and cause harm to other things in the home. 


The best way to prevent such accidents is to keep the temperature low so that extreme heating doesn’t happen. Secondly, switch the geyser OFF after use to avoid unnecessary usage and heating issues. Lastly, ensure that the gas geyser installation is done right. 



  • Thermostat & temperature

Most of the geysers have a thermostat inside them to maintain the temperature of the water and save electricity consumption. What it does is keep track of the water temperature as set by the user. Once the water reaches the set temperature, it automatically cuts off the power. If water temperature goes below the set temperature, it automatically turns on the heating again. 


If you have a geyser with a thermostat, then make sure to replace it every year to make the most of it. Additionally, it gets rusted with water and causes rust in the water tank. Replacing it will improve the life of your geyser. 


In most geysers, the default thermostat temperature is set to 60 degrees Celcius or high. The geysers generally have a temperature range between 40 to 75 degrees Celcius. If you don’t need too much hot water, you can reduce the default temperature. 



  • Switch it OFF after use

In many homes, the geyser is kept ON until everybody has taken a bath. Nobody is in a queue at home waiting for his turn. Rather than keeping it ON unnecessarily, it would be better to switch it OFF after use. When someone else needs to use it, they can turn it ON and then OFF it once done. 


The benefits of doing it are that you save electricity bill, the life of the geyser improves, geyser performance remains good for many years, and reduces the maintenance required. 



  • Choose Right Geyser Size

This is a thing you must keep in mind while buying a new geyser. It is important because if you live alone, then a small-size geyser will be more convenient for you than a large-size geyser. The large geyser will give more quantity of water, but you don’t need that much water. Moreover, it will consume high power.


On the other hand, you should not purchase a small geyser if you need it for a family of 4+ members. The reason is that you will have to wait for the water to get hot every time someone needs it. Plus, you will need to use it for a longer duration every day, which will impact its performance and life span. 



Wrapping Up:

The proper use of a geyser is crucial, whether it is a gas geyser or an electric geyser. The performance, maintenance, and life span of an appliance depend on how well you use it. By following the things mentioned above, you can maintain the performance of the geyser. In case it still faces some issues, lookout for geyser repair services.

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