How to Fix a Gas Stove Knob at Home?

April 19, 2021by Rakesh0

Having an appliance at home means you will need to maintain it and fix the issues. While not all the issues can be fixed at home, but a small nitty-gritty part of the work can be managed.

One of the essential home and kitchen appliances is the gas stove. While you might be cleaning it regularly for hygiene and maintenance, but the knobs remain ignored. You can’t open it every now and then for cleaning.

Moreover, the temperature of the stove also affects the knob. It goes through repetitive heating and cooling cycles, which can sometimes break it. So, whether you are looking to fix a gas stove knob or completely replace it, this write-up has everything covered for you.

Fixing gas stove knob at home

  • Remove the knob

If you used the gas stove a few minutes ago, then wait for it to cool down before doing anything.

Now proceed with removing the knob, whether you want to replace a broken knob or clean it properly. The process of removing the knob is easy. You don’t need bulk equipment or expertise to do it.

In most cases, simply pulling out the knob will bring it out. If it is not coming out, see if there is a screw attached to it. Use a screwdriver to unscrew and then pull it out.

There might be instances when the knob’s inside got rusty or greasy food makes it tighter for you to pull it out easily. You can try harder to pull it out with force for successful removal. If you feel the force will break the knob, then use some lubricant on the D-shaft part under the knob. Expert gas stove repair home services providers also recommend the use of pliers to remove stubborn knobs.

  • Find the issue

The knob doesn’t work properly because of many reasons, such as there are oily or greasy particles of food stuck in it, there are cracks on the knob, or it is broken. After removing the knob, you can now check and find the issue.

  • Fix the knob issues

Broken gas stove knob: If it is broken, it is time for you to buy a new one for replacement. You can find the knobs easily on online marketplaces like Amazon, as well as on offline stores. You can also contact your gas stove manufacturer to buy a genuine knob at a cost-effective price.

Greasy/oily knobs: For a greasy knob, dip it into detergent/soapy water or wash it properly. This will clean away the oil and make it work like new. Ensure that you also clean the shaft on which the knob works.

Cracked knobs: The cracks are common on gas knobs because of regular cooling and heating. In instances of cracks on the knob, you can use Fevi Stick or other adhesive to fix it. For major cracks, it will be better to get a new one. Also, avoid cheap options because they are made up of inferior materials and get damaged within a few months.

  • Replace the gas knob

After finding and fixing the issues with your gas stove knob, let’s keep it back on work. Whether you have pulled it out for cleaning or because it was broken, putting it back on the D-shaft is easier than the removal process.

Have a look at the D-shaped pattern on both the knob and the shaft on the gas stove, and slide it accordingly. Rotate the knob to check if it is working well. If there was a screw on it, then use the screwdriver to tighten it like before.

Fix gas stove knob

Can I use a gas stove without a knob?

Yes, you can manage to use your gas stove without a knob, but only in an emergency. For instance, the knob gets broken while cooking the mean in the night. You can’t buy the new one instantly. In such a scenario, you can pull out the broken knob and use a plier or other tool to rotate the shaft. Remember, this method is supposed to be used temporarily to get your work done in an emergency.

Handing over to you:

Hope this step-by-step process on fixing a gas stove knob at home helps you fix the knob issues without the help of an expert technician. Anyhow, if you are not able to do it at home or want any other kitchen repair services, you must opt for a reliable gas stove repair in Hyderabad or the city of your residence.

Have any other questions or issues related to home and kitchen appliance repairing? Let us know using the comments section below.


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