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A clean chimney helps a kitchen in a lot of ways. From smoke issues in the kitchen to odor issues in the kitchen, everything can be solved if you have a good chimney installed in your kitchen. We, at Urban Repairing, are helping the households to get in better conditions.
Skilled Repairers
We have repairers who are professional and skilled who are also very experienced.
Flexible With Every Brand
Our repairers are flexible with any brand and every size of the chimney.
You will get your home chimney repaired or washed at a very minimal price, starting at as low as INR 199.
Quick Service
Our technician will reach within the first 45 minutes after booking an appointment.

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MODERN REPAIR TOOLSQuick and Affordable Chimney Service in Pune

We are keen to serve you as quickly as possible in Pune at a very competitive price. With our team, it is more accessible than ever to find repairers online.
How much will it cost me to have my home chimney cleaned?

Our services start with INR 199, but it also depends on the issue with the chimney and the part that is damaged.

How many times a year do I need the kitchen chimney cleaned?

You should get it cleaned at least twice a year for a hassle-free experience.

How do I know my kitchen chimney needs cleaning or repairing?

When the chimney is not performing well, or a bad odor coming out of the chimney, it is time. The fireplace damper also gets black with time, so it needs to be cleaned.

If your chimney is not working properly or it can’t exhaust smoke out from the kitchen or a bad odor is coming out of it, it is needed to clean the chimney inside out. You can do that at home but in some cases, you might ruin it.

For smooth and controlled cleaning, you need a skilled and experienced repairer. We provide you all the services related to the chimney that includes -

1. Chimney cleaning

2. Oiling of motor

3. Outer fan cleaning

4. Outer body cleaning

5. Chimney filter cleaning

6. Chimney installation

7. Chimney uninstallation

Our expert repairers are skilled as we have collaborated with them after verifying background details. They are comfortable with every brand of a chimney and every size of the chimney.

Our partnered repairers are skilled and time-bound, and they are also very efficient and can work with every brand of chimney in every size. With minimal charge and on-time service, we are the best in the business.

Electric Chimney Repair & Service for All Brands

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Disclaimer: Urban Repairing is not directly associated or affiliated with any brand mentioned on the website as their authorised service centre. It’s an independent service provider offering doorstep services for home & kitchen appliances repairs and maintenance services.

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